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气候变化 is one of the most pressing societal issues of our time 和 requires credible 和 concrete actions by everyone—corporations, 政府和个人——看到真正的积极的变化.

威尼斯电玩城手游的 role in the energy transition will involve diversifying our energy portfolio, investing in innovative new technologies 和 setting attainable sustainability 和 GHG emissions reduction targets 和 goals that progress our organization 和 industry towards a more sustainable future.

  • 威尼斯电玩城手游是…的签署国 甲烷指导原则 并努力持续减少甲烷排放.
  • In 2021, we set GHG emissions reductions targets with two main goals:
    • Reduce the GHG emissions intensity of our operations by 30 per cent by 2030; 和,
    • Position to achieve net zero emissions from our operations by 2050.
  • We invest millions of dollars each year in the advancement 和 research of new technologies.
  • We collaborate with industry 和 government partners to advance environmental stewardship across the energy industry.
  • We support environment-focused non-profit organizations through our community giving program.

We have many activities underway to reduce emissions 和 develop solutions for the future — for example, 泄漏检测和修复程序, 天然气管道现代化和电气化工程, 太阳能和电池存储项目, 抽水蓄能工程, 可再生天然气运输, 和 promising possibilities for developing carbon capture 和 storage solutions.

欲了解更多信息,请参阅威尼斯电玩城手游温室气体减排计划, 甲烷排放披露的可靠性报告气候相关游说报告.

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We have been a driving force in the pipeline industry on developing 和 implementing new practices 和 technologies to reduce fugitive emissions during routine operations 和 maintenance.

在维护期间, the use of pull-down compressors (such as the one pictured on the left) 和 hot tap procedures help us capture 和 recycle methane emissions. 在操作过程中, our Fugitive Emissions Inspection 和 Leak Repair Program enables us to identify 泄漏 on pipeline 和 compressor station valves 和 other components to help reduce releases of natural gas.

We are investing in new technology in our operations to improve tracking of our natural gas pipeline fugitive emissions data at valve sites, 仪表站和压缩机站. The technology will improve operations 和 regulatory reporting activities resulting in improved ability to plan maintenance activities.

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威尼斯电玩城手游公司正在创作一部小说, utility-scale solar-plus-storage electricity generation facility near Aldersyde, 阿尔伯塔省, 在阿尔伯塔省减排局的支持下. The project will use state-of-the-art bifacial solar panels that are double-sided to take advantage of the indirect sunlight from reflective ground cover such as snow-covered surfaces found in 阿尔伯塔省 during the winter months. Flow battery storage technology would also allow the solar energy to be stored for up to eight hours for use at times of peak electricity dem和.

The innovative project will provide direct GHG benefits through the generation of emissions-free renewable power to meet the needs of 3,000个家庭. The project will also help prove the technical 和 commercial viability of these technologies for wider scale adoption.

进一步了解威尼斯电玩城手游的 气候变化和可持续发展承诺.